Articles About Seiko Watches

How to remove scratches from an acrylic watch crystal

If the scratched glass on your watch is not actually glass but acrylic (plastic), it's pretty easy to remove those scratches yourself without specialist tools. This guide will show you how.

Watch photography: How to take better photos with your phone

Whether for social media, a sale listing, or just for fun, here are watch photography tips with just a smartphone and no other fancy equipment.

Seiko SKX mod: How to change your bezel insert

Want to change the look of your Seiko diver? Models such as the SKX and SRP range are easy to 'mod' and changing the bezel insert is a great place to start.

How to change a Seiko kinetic battery

With this guide and a bit of care you can change Seiko kinetic batteries/capacitors yourself, saving money and time.

How to remove Seiko chronograph pushers (and then refit them)

I've lost more c-clips than I care to remember so here are the tips and tricks I've learned to make the process easier.

How to open a Seiko monocoque (one-piece) watch case

A guide to opening Seiko watches that don't have a screw-off or lift-off caseback.