How to find the value of your Seiko watch

In the comments section of some of my Seiko watch videos, I get people asking "How much is my Seiko watch worth?". This surprises me because I assumed everyone just does what I do — check eBay for past prices. But maybe not, so here's a step-by-step guide to help you estimate the value of your Seiko watch, along with some factors to consider.

Please note that this method may not be as effective for highly unusual models. In such cases, it's better to perform alternative searches on platforms like Reddit, TheWatchSite, WatchUSeek, and watch forums.

Before you begin, gather some details about your watch that will aid in the search, such as alternative model numbers or nicknames, whether it's a limited edition, and its overall condition. For this walkthrough, I'm going to use a Seiko 7S26-0040 as an example. I bought this watch many years ago when I got carried away watching a James Bond film!

A Seiko 7S26-0040 diver's watch with a silicone rubber strap.
Seiko 7S26-0040 diver's watch with a silicone rubber strap.

Now, let's dive into the step-by-step valuation process:

1. Search on eBay

Screenshot of a basic eBay watch search.

Start by searching on eBay for your watch model. If there's more than one model number/name, you can search for either of them by using the following format:

(model_name_1, model_name_2)

Using brackets like this means "search for model_name_1 or model_name_2". In my example, I'll search for (7S26-0040, SKX031). This will give us more results, and in a later step we'll remove unnecessary ones.

2. Find past sales

Screenshot of filtering for sold items on eBay.

Next to the "Search" button, click on "Advanced" to access more search options (or on mobile, tap "Filter" then "Show More"). This allows you to refine your search criteria further. In the Advanced Search page, check the "Sold items" checkbox and click "Search" again. This will display a list of sold items that match your search query.

3. Select "Auction" Listings

Screenshot of filtering for auction-only results on eBay.

Personally I don't like including "Buy it now" items as I feel auctions more accurately reflect what most people are willing to pay. To see auction results only, select "Auction" at the top of the search results list instead.

4. Exclude Irrelevant Results

Screenshot showing how to exclude terms from an eBay watch search.

Refine your search by excluding any irrelevant results. To do this, add a hyphen before any keywords you want to exclude in the search query. In my example, several results have stainless steel straps or "Pepsi" blue and red bezels, so I'll remove them by adding this to the search: -stainless -pepsi

5. Evaluate Bidding Activity

Screenshot showing how to re-order an eBay watch search.

Lastly, you can either ignore search results with only one bid or re-sort the results in order of "Number of bids: most first" (not available on mobile). This shows you the level of interest and competition among potential buyers. By focusing on listings with multiple bids, you can gain a better understanding of the true market value of your Seiko watch.

And that's it! Now just browse through the remaining results and you should be able to get an idea of what people have recently paid. You may still need to ignore some results such as modded watches or ones with a bad description, but overall you can now see how much your Seiko watch is worth by using past sales of similar watches.

Note that this method also works on Yahoo Auction, but using brackets to search for multiple terms doesn't require a comma – just use a space only.

Finally, keep the following points in mind while evaluating the results:

By following this step-by-step guide and considering the factors listed above, you should be able to obtain a rough estimate of your Seiko watch's value. Remember that this method is not foolproof, and it is always a good idea to consult multiple sources or even seek the opinion of an expert when determining the value of your watch.

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