How to fix misaligned Seiko quartz chronograph hands

A Seiko 7T92 chronograph watch with a misaligned stopwatch hand.

Misaligned hands on a Seiko quartz chronograph is not an unusual problem. It's nothing to worry about, and fortunately there's an easy fix with no special tools or skills required.

After using and resetting the stopwatch many times, the hands can slip and drift slightly. Here's how to reset them on a Seiko 7T92 or Seiko 7T62, and it should be similar for related chronograph watches.

Step 1

Pulling out the crown on a Seiko 7T92 quartz chronograph watch.

First of all, pull out the crown two clicks so the second hand stops.

Step 2

Pressing the top pusher on a Seiko 7T92 quartz chronograph watch.

Next, press the top chronograph pusher for two seconds. That will indicate which sub-dial is active, in other words, which hand we can adjust. It's indicated by the hand spinning round quickly one time.

Step 3

Each time you hold down the top pusher, a different hand will be actived. The order is top dial, then central seconds hand, then bottom dial. Hold down the pusher until the hand you want to reset is activated.

Step 4

Pressing the bottom pusher on a Seiko 7T92 quartz chronograph watch.

Now press the bottom pusher to adjust the position of the hand. It moves in small increments but you can also hold it down to move it quickly round. Press it as much as necessary to perfectly align the hand.

Step 5

A Seiko 7T92 quartz chronograph watch with hands reset to their proper positions.

When you've finished resetting the hand(s), push the crown back in and that's it! Your chronograph hands should now be properly aligned again. 😊

There's also a video version of this tutorial here:

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