Seiko Movement List: World time & GMT

All Automatic Hand winding Analog quartz Spring Drive Kinetic (formerly AGS) Digital Solar-powered Electronic Chronographs World time & GMT

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Movement Watch type Sub-brands
1B25 Analog Solar Radio-controlled Lukia
1B35 Analog Solar Radio-controlled Lukia
4F56 Analog Quartz
4R34 Automatic (with hand winding) Seiko 5
4R37 Automatic (with hand winding) Superior, Seiko 5, Spirit
4R39 Automatic (with hand winding) Presage
4S12 Automatic (with hand winding) SUS
4S36 Automatic (with hand winding)
4S76 Automatic (with hand winding) Credor
4S77 Automatic (with hand winding) Credor
5K65 Analog Quartz Solar Prospex
5M45 Kinetic (formerly AGS) Landmaster, Flightmaster, Scubamaster
5M47 Kinetic (formerly AGS) Landmaster
5M65 Kinetic (formerly AGS) Flightmaster, Landmaster, Prospex
5M85 Kinetic (formerly AGS) Prospex
5R66 Spring Drive (automatic winding) Galante, Landmaster, Marinemaster
5R86 Spring Drive (automatic winding) Galante, Ananta
5T12 Analog Quartz
5T52 Analog Quartz
5T82 Analog Quartz Coutura, Premier
5X53 Analog Solar GPS Astron
5Y85 Analog Quartz Coutura, Premier
5Y89 Analog Quartz Lukia
6G27 Analog Quartz
6G34 Analog Quartz
6M15 Analog Quartz Spirit
6M91 Analog Quartz SQ 100
6R5J Automatic (with hand winding) Presage
6R54 Automatic (with hand winding) Prospex
6R64 Automatic (with hand winding) Presage, Prospex, Landmaster
7B26 Analog Solar Radio-controlled Premier
7B27 Analog Solar Radio-controlled Brightz, Lukia
7B75 Analog Solar Radio-controlled Spirit
7F38 Analog Quartz
7F39 Analog Quartz
7F68 Analog Quartz
7F69 Analog Quartz
7K32 Analog Quartz Prospex, Landmaster, Marinemaster
7K36 Analog Quartz Cruisingmaster
7T59 Analog Quartz
7T62 Analog Quartz The Great Blue, Velatura, Flightmaster, Speedmaster, Sky Professional
7T84 Analog Quartz Velatura, Yacht Timer
7X52 Analog Solar GPS Astron
8B53 Analog Solar Radio-controlled
8B54 Analog Solar Radio-controlled Brightz
8B63 Analog Solar Radio-controlled Coutura, Brightz, Astron
8B82 Analog Solar Radio-controlled Brightz
8B92 Analog Solar Radio-controlled Brightz
8F56 Analog Quartz Alpinist, Premier, Landtrek
8F58 Analog Quartz
8L36 Automatic (with hand winding) Credor, Galante
8M11 Analog Quartz
8M15 Analog Quartz
8M18 Analog Quartz
8V22 Analog Quartz
8X22 Analog Solar GPS Astron, Sportura
8X42 Analog Solar GPS Astron
8X53 Analog Solar GPS Astron, Prospex
8X82 Analog Solar GPS Astron
9F86 Analog Quartz Grand Seiko
9R16 Spring Drive (automatic winding) Grand Seiko
9R66 Spring Drive (automatic winding) Grand Seiko
9R86 Spring Drive (automatic winding) Grand Seiko
9R96 Spring Drive (automatic winding) Grand Seiko
9S56 Automatic (with hand winding) Grand Seiko
9S66 Automatic (with hand winding) Grand Seiko
9S86 Automatic (with hand winding) Grand Seiko
0139 Digital LC
3819 Analog Quartz Duotime, QT, 2002
5619 Automatic Duotime
6117 Automatic
6217 Automatic
A239 Digital Atlas
A358 Digital
A708 Digital
A718 Digital Sports 100
A829 Digital Sports 100
G757 Digital Silverwave, Sports 100
H021 Analog + Digital ("ana-digi")
H022 Analog + Digital ("ana-digi") R-SUS
H023 Analog + Digital ("ana-digi") Sportura, Sky Professional
H239 Analog + Digital ("ana-digi") Silverwave
H249 Analog + Digital ("ana-digi")
H259 Analog + Digital ("ana-digi")
H556 Analog + Digital ("ana-digi") Silverwave, Sports 100
H557 Analog + Digital ("ana-digi") Silverwave, Sports 100
H558 Analog + Digital ("ana-digi")
H851 Analog + Digital ("ana-digi") Solar Prospex
H855 Analog + Digital ("ana-digi") Solar Prospex
M158 Digital
M421 Digital
M422 Digital Sports 150
N830 Analog Quartz Bluetooth
N877 Analog Quartz Bluetooth
N944 Analog Quartz Alba
N945 Analog Quartz Pulsar, Lorus
S650 Digital Prospex, Super Runners
S690 Digital Solar Prospex
S770 Digital Solar Radio-controlled Brightz
S802 Digital Solar Prospex, Fieldmaster
V174 Analog Quartz Solar
V175 Analog Quartz Solar Prospex, Criteria, Recraft
V195 Analog Quartz Solar Prospex
V339 Analog Quartz Alba, Pulsar
V602 Analog Quartz Pulsar, Alba
V653 Analog Quartz Pulsar
W040 Digital Pulsar, Alba
W041 Digital Alba
W308 Digital Alba
W339 Digital Alba
W359 Digital Lorus
W850 Digital Pulsar
W851 Digital
W853 Digital
W854 Digital
W861 Digital Pulsar