Seiko 8306 Movement Details

Seiko caliber 8306 is an automatic (with hand winding) watch movement. Production started around 1965.
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Sub-brands: Business-A, Weekdater, Seikomatic-R, Sea Lion, Seikomatic
Day / date?Day + date
GMT / world time?No
Rate:18,000 bph
Number of jewels:30
Lift angle:53º
Size / diameter:28.6mm
Development division:Suwa (Nagano Prefecture, Japan)
Notes:The same as cal. 8305 but with day display (as well as date). Unusually, the date is quickset in both directions, and the day is set by repeatedly moving the hour hand backwards and forwards past midnight. The automatic winding mechanism does not use Seiko's famous "magic lever" system – instead it has an integrated wheel system, making the movement slimmer.
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