Seiko 7S36 Movement Details

Seiko caliber 7S36 is an automatic watch movement. Production started around 1996.
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Sub-brands: Seiko 5
Power reserve:41 hours
Accuracy:+45/-35 seconds/day
Day / date?Day + date
GMT / world time?No
Rate:21,600 bph
Number of jewels:23
Lift angle:53º
Size / diameter:27.0mm
Balance wheel code: 310020, 310197
Mainspring code: 201024, 201075, 201083
Date wheel code: 878206 (black on white), 878207 (white on black), 878280 (black on white), 878281 (white on black)
Screw codes: 012123 (stud screw), 012168, 012277, 012354, 012420, 012539 (second reduction wheel screw), 012919 (ratchet wheel screw), 016705
Notes:The difference between the 7S36 and cal. 7S26 is the addition of a lower bridge for third wheel and pinion in the 7S36, which gives it two extra jewels. The increased jewel count might imply better performance and accuracy but in reality there's probably little or no difference. Note that the date wheel used for 7S36A and 7S36B is not compatible with 7S36C.
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