Seiko 7S25 Movement Details

Seiko caliber 7S25 is an automatic watch movement. Production was in the 2000s.
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Sub-brands: Prospex
Power reserve:41 hours
Accuracy:+45/-35 seconds/day
Day / date?Date only
GMT / world time?No
Rate:21,600 bph
Number of jewels:21
Lift angle:53º
Size / diameter:27.0mm
Notes:The same as cal. 7S26 but without day display (date only). Note that the date wheel used for 7S25A and 7S25B is not compatible with 7S25C.
PDF guides: Technical guide : 7S25A, 7S35A & 7S55A
Technical guide : 7S25C & 7S35C
Related movements: 7S26 7S35 7S36 7S55

Part Codes

Stem code: 351260 (tap 10), 351261 (tap 10)
Balance wheel code: 310020, 310197
Mainspring code: 201024, 201075, 201083
Date wheel code: 878208 (black on white), 878209 (white on black), 878270 (black on white), 878271 (white on black)
Screw codes: 012123 (stud screw), 012168, 012354, 012420, 012485, 012539 (second reduction wheel screw), 012919 (ratchet wheel screw), 016705


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