Seiko 7M22 Movement Details

Seiko caliber 7M22 is a kinetic (formerly AGS) watch movement produced from around 1987.

Battery:3023.24R (replaces 3029.110) / (Rechargeable capacitor)
Accuracy:±15 seconds/month
Day / date?Date only
GMT / world time?No
Number of jewels:5
Size / diameter:27.0mm
Stem code: 351670 (tap 11)
Development division:Suwa (Nagano)
Notes:The world's first kinetic watch movement, using an oscillating weight that converts the wearer's motion into electricity. Although it was announced in January 1988, some models have 1987 production dates on the caseback. Has a low energy indicator function.
PDF guides: Technical guide for 7M22A