Seiko 7546 Movement Details

Thumbnail image of Seiko movement 7546A. Seiko caliber 7546 is an analog quartz watch movement. Production was in the 1970s.
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Sub-brands: SQ, Silverwave Z, Silverwave, Type II
Battery:SR43SW / 301 (Silver oxide)
Accuracy:±15 seconds/month
Day / date?Day + date
GMT / world time?No
Rate:32,768 Hz
Number of jewels:4
Size / diameter:27.0mm
Development division:Suwa (Nagano Prefecture, Japan)
Notes:The same as cal. 7545 but with day display (as well as date). Has a battery life indicator function where the seconds hand moves in two-second intervals when the battery is running low.
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Part Codes

Stem code: 354601
Date wheel code: 801601 (black on white), 801602 (black on white), 801604 (white on black)
Screw codes: 022257, 022421 (case screw), 022468, 022491, 022494, 022760, 022761 (dial screw)


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Seiko movement 7546A.
Seiko movement 7546A. Photo by Mizeni.
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