Seiko 7430 Movement Details

Seiko caliber 7430 is an analog quartz watch movement. Production was in the 1980s.
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Battery:SR721SW / 362 (Silver oxide)
Accuracy:±15 seconds/month
Day / date?No
GMT / world time?No
Rate:32,768 Hz
Number of jewels:2
Size / diameter:22.0mm
Development division:Daini (Kameido, Tokyo, Japan)
Notes:The same as cal. 7431 but without a seconds hand (hour and minute hands only).
PDF guides: Technical guide : 7430A, 7431A & 7439A
Parts list : 7430A
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Part Codes

Stem code: 354077 (short), 354079
Screw codes: 012170, 012469 (case screw), 012766, 012778