Seiko 6C12 Movement Details

Seiko caliber 6C12 is a thermal power watch movement. Production started around 1998.
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Battery:3023.34T (replaces 3023.24H) / (Rechargeable capacitor)
Accuracy:±15 seconds/month
Day / date?Date only
GMT / world time?No
Rate:32,768 Hz
Number of jewels:9
Notes:Used in a limited edition of 500 "Thermic" watches. Generates electric power via the Seebeck effect, a phenomenon produced when heat transfers from the back of the case to the case surface. This power is stored in a secondary battery, and the watch can run for up to 10 months on a full charge. The second hand stops when the watch is removed from the wrist, to save energy. Also has a perpetual calendar function.

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