Seiko 6306 Movement Details

Seiko caliber 6306 is an automatic watch movement. Production started around 1976 and production finished in 1981.
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Sub-brands: Actus, Silverwave
Day / date?Day + date
GMT / world time?No
Rate:21,600 bph
Number of jewels:21
Lift angle:54.5º
Size / diameter:27.0mm
Development division:Suwa (Nagano Prefecture, Japan)
Notes:Made for the Japan domestic market (JDM). Identical to cal. 6309 except the 6306 has hacking, a higher jewel count (21 v. 17) and a Japanese kanji day wheel.
Related movements: 6309

Part Codes

Stem code: 354601
Balance wheel code: 311601
Mainspring code: 401615


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