Seiko 5606 Movement Details

Seiko caliber 5606 is an automatic (with hand winding) watch movement produced from around 1968.

Sub-brands: Lord Matic (LM)
Day / date?Day + date
GMT / world time?No
Rate:21,600 bph
Number of jewels:23 or 25
Lift angle:56º
Size / diameter:25.6mm or 11.5"
Stem code: 354560
Balance wheel code: 310560
Mainspring code: 401560
Development division:Suwa (Nagano)
Notes:The plastic star-shaped date corrector wheel is fragile and prone to breaking, resulting in the day/date setting not working. As these watches get older, it’s getting harder to find unbroken replacement wheels and creating new ones, e.g. from brass or other metal, is fiddly and time consuming.
PDF guides: Technical guide for 5606A
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