Seiko 4006 Movement Details

Thumbnail image of Seiko movement 4406A. You can see the curved sounding spring around the lower edge of the case, which is repeatedly hit to create the alarm sound. Seiko caliber 4006 is an automatic watch movement. Production started around 1966 and production finished in 1978.
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Sub-brands: Bell-matic, Business Bell
Day / date?Day + date
GMT / world time?No
Rate:19,800 bph
Number of jewels:17, 21 or 27
Lift angle:52º
Size / diameter:31.2mm
Notes:The same as cal. 4005 but with day display (as well as date). It has a 10-second mechanical alarm feature powered by a second mainspring. The lift angle is often listed as 58.4º but research by Martin at "Adventures in Amateur Watch Fettling" shows that the lift angle is 52º.
PDF guides: Technical guide : 4006A
Related movements: 4005

Part Codes

Stem code: 354805
Balance wheel code: 310470
Mainspring code: 401805
Date wheel code: 801805
Screw codes: 022150 (stud screw), 022250, 022251, 022254, 022256, 022257, 022266, 022268, 022365, 022450, 022455 (dial screw), 022458 (screw for oscillating weight), 022462, 022464, 022466, 022474, 022573, 022574, 022575, 022662, 022776


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